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Now that we've caressed, a kiss so warm and tender,
I can't wait 'til we've reached that sweet moment of surrender.
We'll hear the thunder roll, feel the lightening strike,
At a point we both decided to meet, the same time tonight.

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Hang on in there baby, Hang on in there darling, (doll)
I'm gonna give you more, Than you ever dreamed possible.

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Don't be afraid baby, oh no, oh sweet virgin of the world,
We can't help but make it, cause there's true love between us, girl.
So let us touch the cloud, that everyone dreams of,
Oh we're almost there darling, we're truly making love.

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Hang on in there baby, Hang on in there darling, (doll)
Please don't let me down. Please don't destroy this new joy we've found.

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What's that now baby, what's that you say,
Something eatin' at you and it's about to get away.
Don't fight it baby, open up the door, cos that's the
key to freedom,
That we've both been working for.
Let it go baby, let it go honey, oh right there, right there.
Baby don't you move it anywhere, go baby let it go honey,
Oh right there, baby don't you move it, don't you dare.

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Hang on in there baby, Hang on in there darling (doll).
I'm gonna give you more, More than you ever dreamed possible.

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Johnny Bristol

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