Everywhere I Go

Drivin' down the highway,on a rainy night 
got lost in a memory. 
I keep on drifting back, somewhere in time 
and how it used to be. 
I said to myself, this don't mean nothin' 
it was so long ago, but I still see you 
Everywhere I go 

Made a stop in Memphis, had to find a place 
a little place to spend the night 
and I still remember, I said some things, 
that were'nt right 
held my pillow tight, you were by my side 
then I wake up alone, I still dream you 
Everywhere I go 

Another hundred miles to drive 
the wiper's keepin'time 
with the song on the radio 
I don't understand, what happened to our plans, oh no 
but I still need you 
Everywhere I go

I still need you 
Everywhere I go

They say California's got a good warm sun 
I know I'm gonna make it soon 
drive along the beaches, lying in the sand 
just staring at the moon 
but there's a feelin', I can't hide 
as I head for the coast 
I still see you 
I still dream you 
I still need you 
Everywhere I go, 
Everywhere I go, 
Everywhere I go........... 

Larry Neil

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