The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

                                 The first time 

                         Ever I saw your face 

                          I thought the sun rose in your eyes 

                         And the moon and the stars 

                          Were the gifts you gave 

                To the dark

                        And the endless skies 

                        And the first time 

                         Ever I kissed your mouth 

                           I felt the earth 

                            Move in my hand 

                          Like the trembling heart 

                         Of a captive bird 

                        That was there

                        At my command 

                        My love 

                          And the first time 

                        Ever I lay with you

                    I felt your heart 

                      So close to mine

                      And I knew our joy 

                    Would fill the earth

                   And last 

                     Till the end of time 

                   My love 

                        The first time 

                         Ever I saw 

                        Your face 

                        Your face 

                      Your face 

                       Your face 

                              Celine Dion       




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