I am so happy for your visit.

My dear Internet friends, I am so happy
to have you visiting my homepage.
My dream for the future is to be happy,
enjoy life to the fullest, travel and meet
wonderful people, and to enjoy my children
and hope for grand children as life goes on.

My favorite saying is;
"A wasted day is a day without a smile"
So ! Go ahead and smile ***Smile***

You can tell I like a strong man lol...lol

My interests are;
Children,computer, exercising, aerobics,
walking, cycling, body building, camping,
biking, hiking, fishing, water sports,
sun bathing,Playing pool, music and dancing.
Speed walking is my favorite sport.
I  Would love to go to concerts.

The one and only me little Donna aka Sweetie

I have been on the internet for almost 3years,
and I have met so many Beautiful people
from all different countries and cultures.
I have learned a lot , and have a lot more
I would like to learn.
So keep talking to me...lol ...lol

I love my Computer, it helps me to meet you my dear freinds...lol

My computer and I welcome new friends.
I do hope that one day it is possible to
meet and greet some of you.


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Donna (Sweetie)

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