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How sweet it is to have you here with me!
      I am from Montreal Quebec
My name is Donna!
My Nickname is Sweetie!!
I speak English and French.
I am the by product of two cultures.
My mom was French Canadian, and my Dad
is English speaking a Canadian from
                   the province of Ontario!!              

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I am 5ft(short)LOL tall with brownish blonde hair
               I have hazel eyes.
I have a friendly smile and just love to smile!!
I believe that a smile is worth a thousand words,,
         My birthday is March 18th 1959.
My Astrological sign is Pisces

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                 Click on the sign to get info on Pisces

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       I am the proud mom of 4 lovely children;
Tina(25) Melanie(21) Jason(15) Stacey(12)
  They are all my absolute pride and joy.
I Live for my children!! They are the most important
part of my life,,Without them my Life would be Empty!

I love children,,My dream was to have 12,,Lol ,,
I came back to reality and realized that was not possible.
 Children are so precious to me, and for that
   reason I baby sit children in my home.
    They bring me so much joy.


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Stacey &Jason with me at Xmas   Melanie's Grad pic               Me and Tina at her work     

Look at Those Smiles :-) I love it and Them :-)

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Dad with Stacey & Jason @ Xmas

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            I am a 43 year old woman who loves life!
Love to meet people and enjoy a good
conversation,,laughs,,and make them smile !
I love all kinds of music, mostly easy listening,
romantic, and soft music.My newest passion is my website,,
I put all the feelings I have on Romance and Passion into my site
I love to dance,it keeps me in shape...lol...lol ,,Enjoy
playing pool,biking,,walking,biking,and all and all
having fun outdoors,,,I like to have fun ,,,
love to talk and joke around,,,.
One of My favorite singers is Canadian born
       Bryan Adams
his voice is breath taking, my favorite song is;
         "Don't want to miss a thing"
And that I don't for life is way to short!!!



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I love to enjoy life and meet people,
  People make the world go round.
Differences make the world interesting,
that is why I am so pleased to meet you.
You bring to my world your culture, your love
your experiences and I hope you honor.
I like playing games and chatting on the internet.
If you like playing games or chatting, please
feel free to call on me, do not be shy...lol..lol
icq#26598890 yahoo messanger-hisweetie_999
   I will be happy to interact with you, but
    Please keep it clean.
There is more to life than sexuality,
and sexuality has its time and place :)


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          If you need a Friend,,or someone to talk to,,or just
someone to listen to what you need to say when you need to vent,,
I am there,,don't be shy. I am a very good listener.

If u need a Friend I am here!!!
Ohhhh How time flies when we are having fun...lol...lol
I do hope my homepage still has your interest :)
 If you still have my interest then!

 Click on the door and see more about Sweetie Please!!!


 Please click the green arrow to move on! Hope you are having fun :)


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